Q & A Regarding Disclosure of a Sex Offender

Question and Answer Regarding Disclosure of Sex Offender

Question:  I am the listing agent.  A potential buyer visited the home during an open house.  That potential buyer advised me that she was a single mom with two children and was concerned, because a sex offender lived down the street.  I had no prior knowledge of this fact nor do I know whether it is accurate.  How do I handle disclosures?

Answer:  Discuss the potential buyer’s comment with the seller.  If the seller has knowledge, the seller needs to disclose that fact on the Transfer Disclosure Statement.  Irrespective, it is recommended that you, as the listing agent, disclose it on your AVID as follows:  “Neighbor advised agent that a sex offender lives down the street.  Agent has not verified whether this information is accurate.  The buyer is to investigate this issue.”